Suggested Treatment Protocol

 Suggested Treatment Protocol


The treatment protocol for angina and the studies that demonstrated effectiveness when used to relieve patient symptoms of other ischemic diseases is administered to patients on an outpatient basis, usually in daily one-hour sessions, five days per week over seven weeks for a total of 35 treatments. EECP® is equally effective if it is given twice daily, each with one-hour session separated by a minimum of 30-minutes break for a total of three and a half weeks. The procedure is well tolerated and under this suggested protocol, approximately 75% of patients experience relief of symptoms caused by their coronary artery disease following the course of treatment.


Clinical Benefits


Clinical evaluation of EECP/ECP in patients with angina pectoris and congestive heart failure has been performed in multi-center, single center and registry-based clinical investigations. Results of these investigations have demonstrated clinical benefit and safety in:

• Time to ST-depression during stress test

• Peak oxygen consumption

• Exercise duration

• Angina episodes

• Nitroglycerin usage

• Quality of life

• Functional ability measures MUST-EECP® (Multicenter Study of Enhanced External Counter- pulsation): Effect of EECP® on Exercise